Director - Joanne Bradbury

Joanne is a Director and co-owner of 3drops. She was responsible for the initial planting of the vineyard and the development of the 3drops brand. She works closely with winemaker, Rob Diletti and viticulturist, Ray Williams in identifying and developing the 3drops wine styles. She is also responsible for the marketing, communications and day to day administration of the 3drops business.

Joanne works closely with 3drops’ Australian Distributors - In Cantina (WA) and Bacchus Wine Merchants (NSW, Victoria, Queensland and the ACT), as well as 3drops agents in South Korea, Hong Kong and China. She regularly hosts 3drops dinners, tastings and other food and wine events.

Joanne has been a member of Wine Show of WA Committee since 2010 and in November 2012 was appointed the Committee Chair. She is also currently responsible for the events management for the Wine Show of WA Awards Dinner.

As a Board member of the Great Southern Wine Producers from 2010 to 2017, Joanne was involved in the development of local, national and International marketing strategies for the Great Southern Wine region.

She was a Board member of Wines of WA (the Western Australian Wine Industry body) from 2013 - 2016.

Joanne has recently been appointed to the Board of the West Australian Olive Council.

Joanne was formerly an Occupational Therapist and Occupational Health and Safety Consultant where she specialized in injury management, workers compensation, rehabilitation case management and development of employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Joanne Bradbury
Winemaker - Rob Diletti

Rob’s wine grew up at his family vineyard, Castle Rock Estate. This gave him a great understanding of grape quality and he is of the firm belief that wine quality is made in the vineyard. “I just convey that quality into the wine.”

After leaving school, he began the formal part of his education, enrolling in the winemaking course at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. For the last two years of his degree, he studied part time, and worked in the Eden Valley, gaining invaluable experience. He was assistant winemaker at another Great Southern vineyard for two years, before returning to the two hundred tonne winery he helped design - which is where he makes 3drops wine with the same attention to detail he gives to his family wine label.

Rob, in his role as 3drops winemaker, is making wines that are fruit driven, balanced and approachable, but yet have the abilty to age and develop. Rob has had many successes in wine shows around Australia and the wines he makes receive favourable comments by many of the nation’s top wine writers and critics.

Rob has been recently awarded James Haliday's inaugral 'Winemaker of the Year' for 2015.

Rob Diletti
Viticulturist - Ray Williams

Ray Williams has been managing vineyards in the Mount Barker region since January 1995. Ray is a vineyard specialist with over 20 years experience in the Western Australian Wine Industry. Ray's business, Mount Barker Viticultural Developers, has expanded over the years to include the development and year round management of vineyards.

Ray was responsible for the design and planting of the 3drops vineyard in 1999 and he continues to undertake all of the viticulture at both the 3drops vineyard and the more recently acquired Patterson's vineyard. Ray makes ongoing decisions in the vineyard with regard to pruning techniques, crop levels, leaf plucking, irrigation and harvesting, to maximize fruit quality. Ray also undertakes the mangement of the 3drops olive grove.

Ray Williams


Western Australia

In Cantina
 James Majer
 0403 603 250
The Grocer
 Andrew Miller
 08 9284 7100


Bacchus Wine Merchant
 BJ Jull
 0416 255 707

New South Wales

Bacchus Wine Merchant
 Jo Newton
 0416 116 331


Bacchus Wine Merchant
 Toby Stephens
 0414 990 883

Australian Capital Territory

Bacchus Wine Merchant

 Justin Williams





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