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Joanne Bradbury
3 December 2021 | Joanne Bradbury

3drops Wins Global Fine Wine Challenge

3drops Cabernet Franc Winner Global Fine Wine Challenge

Mt Barker winery 3drops has won one of the world’s most prestigious wine awards for its 2018 Cabernet Franc.

The wine was named Best Red in Show at the invitation only Global Fine Wine Challenge with results announced today.

It also won top trophy honours in the Class 15 – Cabernet Franc in the competition which features the best New World wines.

The competition is restricted to the top 120 wines from each country, including Canada, New Zealand, North America and South Africa.

Global Fine Wine Challenge Director, Ross Anderson said the award to 3drops:

“is a phenomenal result when you look at the wines they were up against, it is just staggering”.

Mr Anderson said the awards were akin to the Olympics of the wine industry with countries competing against each other.

The awards, previously known as the Six Nations Wine Challenge (est: 2003) didn’t run last year because of COVID-19 restrictions, but in 2019 was dominated heavily by entries from New Zealand

The 2019 Wine of Show went to Canada’s 2013 Henry of Pelham Family Estate Cuvee Catharine Cart Blanche Blanc de Blanc. The 2019 Red Wine of Show went to America’s Hartford Family Winery Dina’s Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel 2016. New Zealand’s Church Road Grand Reserve Chardonnay 2018 took out the 2019 White Wine of Show.

The last time an Australian wine won Wine of Show was in 2017 when Xanadu Reserve Chardonnay 2015 took out the Chardonnay trophy, White Wine of Show and Wine of Show awards.

There are no recorded Australian Red Wine’s having ever secured the Red Wine of Show trophy.

Owner of 3drops, Joanne Bradbury, said the award was a credit to the efforts of winemaker Rob Diletti who had been making 3drops wines since 2003 and to viticulturist Ray Williams who planted the original vines and still manages the Wragg Road and Patterson’s vineyards.

Ms Bradbury said the Cabernet Franc trophy and the Best Red of Show were 3drops most significant awards to date.

“We are excited and honoured that a Cabernet Franc grown on our family farm has been selected as the best red wine in the Global Fine Wine Challenge.”

3drops has been invited to participate in the awards several times in the past and has previously received a gold medal for its 2017 Merlot in the competition.

“Being able to benchmark our wines against other New World wine producers is extremely valuable,” Ms Bradbury said.

“As a boutique producer, in a relatively isolated and distant wine producing region, winning the Cabernet Franc trophy and the Best Red of a global show is an opportunity to showcase the 3drops brand and the Great Southern region on the world stage.

“It’s also an opportunity to celebrate Cabernet Franc as a stand-alone variety, as it is often grown just for blending with other Bordeaux varietals.

“Despite making our 3drops Cabernets blend since 2001, the 2018 vintage was the first time we produced a varietal Cabernet Franc.

“As our Cabernet Franc vines have matured (they were planted in 1999) we have seen the quality of the fruit become quite exceptional. Cabernet Franc as a variety appears particularly well suited to the cool climate wine growing of our Great Southern vineyard. The vines grow on a gentle south facing protected slope in ancient gravelly loam soil.”

3drops is one of three Australian winners in the Global Fine Wine Challenge this year.

Morris of Rutherglen picked up the inaugural trophy for fortified wines and Thistledown Wines in the Adelaide Hills picked up the Other Red, (Light to Medium) trophy with their Sands of Time Grenache.

Mr Anderson said the quality of wines this year was the best for the past 10 years.

“This year far exceeded my expectations in every way,” he said.

Because of Covid judges couldn’t be flown in for the judging in Sydney so for the first time ever a panel of Sydney-based Masters of Wine were nominated to judge the show.

Mr Anderson said there are 420 Masters of Wine in the world who provide a global view of wine rather than a regional or country specific view, which made the Global Fine Wine Challenge significant as an international wine authority.

For more information or interviews contact Newton Ganska Communications on (08) 6468 4489 or

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Joanne Bradbury
22 November 2021 | Joanne Bradbury

Great Southern Chardonnay: 5 Reasons Why You Need More In Your Glass

3drops Great Southern Chardonnay wine bottle in vineyard

If you love Chardonnay, then you have come to the right place. 

Let us let you in on a little secret.


Great Southern Chardonnay is one of Australia’s hidden gems in the wine world!

The Great Southern wine region is known for its world-class Riesling and Shiraz, however the Chardonnay produced in this Western Australian wine region is something pretty special too.

So why should you go and grab a glass of Great Southern Chardonnay right now? Here’s why:

1. The Great Southern has the perfect climate for Chardonnay

The Great Southern is the coolest wine region in Western Australia (recently it was only 12 degrees when our Nebbiolo Rose was being bottled - and winter has only just begun!). 

It’s this cool climate that Chardonnay grapes thrive in. Every grape variety typically has a preference and Chardonnay joins the likes of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc who prefer those cooler climates.

2.  Great Southern Chardonnay matches so well with food

Cool climate Chardonnay typically match very well with food because they have a nice balance of acidity and fruit flavours. 

We’ve really done the groundwork for you on this one as we’ve had the pleasure of working with many of Perth’s top chefs to find the perfect Chardonnay food matches.

Therefore, when you next have a glass (or better yet, a bottle) of Great Southern Chardonnay, perhaps consider teaming it up with one of these food matches:

  • Fish - From takeaway night ‘fish’n’chips’ to spiced swordfish (like our friends at Samson’s  Paddock suggested), you’ll find fish a great match
  • Chicken liver pâté - If you’re a pâté fan then it’s nearly illegal not to match it with a big bowl-like glass full of Chardonnay
  • Cheese - Seriously, you can’t go wrong with ooey, gooey cheese and Chardy. Whether you have it straight from the block or have a cheese infused dish - your palate will thank you.
  • Hummus - Hummus is not the typical food match you hear to pair with wine. But my oh my, it is divine with Chardonnay! Between the creaminess in the wine and the creaminess in the hummus, it really helps to bring out the fruit flavours in the wine and the garlic/spice in the hummus
  • Baked oysters - For all you oyster lovers out there, you need to get onto this one asap. Baked or grilled oysters and Great Southern Chardonnay will literally have you weak at the knees. The Chardonnay has the richness to compliment the baked oysters so well. 

3. Don’t just take our word for it

We’re not the only ones who have one big fat crush on Great Southern Chardonnay. Many of the wine pros and aficionados also have been let in on the secret.

The likes of Ray Jordan, James Halliday and Huon Hooke have rated and continue to rate many Great Southern Chardonnay’s in the high 90s annually.

4. Great Southern Chardonnay tastes great!

Most people either love or hate Chardonnay. The thing is, it comes in so many different styles that it’s really hard to fall into the latter camp without trying them all; sparkling, still, dry, sweet, oaked, fruity, light bodied, full bodied, etc.

When it comes to Great Southern Chardonnay, the style typically leans towards being vibrant and elegant with flavoursome notes of stone-fruit and citrus. You can consume them young or keep them in the cellar for a number of years to mature.

We’ve found people who love big, bold and buttery Chardonnay and people who love soft and fruity Chardonnay, both love Great Southern Chardy.

5. Chardonnay is the perfect winter white wine

If you’re a white wine drinker but struggle to sip cold wine when it’s freezing outside then Chardonnay is the answer. The palate richness works so well with winter dishes like roast chicken and fish curry.

But not only that, Chardonnay is typically best served at ‘cellar temperature’ instead of being completely chilled. By letting the wine warm up a bit, it helps to bring out the creamy, fruit-driven flavours in the wine which are perfectly balanced by that trademark Great Southern Chardonnay acidity.

We don’t know about you, but we are mighty thirsty now! If you want to experience a great expression of Great Southern Chardonnay, simply pop over to our wine store and grab a bottle of Great Southern Chardonnay for yourself (or 12!).

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